Problem based research

Deductive and Inductive

Problem based research: Deductive
1. clarify unclear notions, diagrams, models, schemes, statistics, etc.
2. define the problem related to the given data
3. analyse the problem and search for possible ideas, assumptions and connexions
4. classify and arrange the possible ideas, explanations, connexions and elaborate them systematically
5. formulate hypothetical research queries related to the research goal
6. seek additional information, eliminate the contradictions, reconstruct and complete the theory
7. synthesize, validate and interpret the theory in relation to the problem of the case
8. structure the findings and formulate the found rules (and present them)

Problem based research: Inductive
1. search sensory observations and formulate them exactly
2. cluster the salient facts / symptoms / aspects
3. search relations between the salient facts / symptoms / aspects and draw axes
4. place the relations in a systematic “...” field and formulate a hypothesis
5. formulate additional research queries and search for causes & effects within the relations
6. develop a possible theoretical connexion within the causes & effects
7. criticize whether the theoretical functions fit with the relations
8. check the theoretical findings with the salient facts