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We are translating the dutch texts you find on this website into english. The english texts are placed underneath the dutch texts on the specific pages.

Welcome to

artes Sophiae

- the art of knowledge -

'knowledge with a heartbeat'

New approach of knowledge

Artes Sophiae stands for knowledge integration at the service of cultural and social developments in relation to the development of the human individuality. In our view reality exists of the measurable and the immeasurable, the quantitative and the qualitative. We want to do justice to both aspects of this reality. For this reason, we are working methodically on a new form of knowledge integration: system dynamically learning to think and work. We also want to make perceivable how the interaction between the quantitative and the qualitative methods, both research approaches in system dynamics, are able to empower each other.

In our present time quantitative oriented scientific research has the primacy (Peursen, 2005). It has not always been that way. In the pre-scientific reality, mankind studied and interpreted in a very different way. We can summarize this with the words visual thinking and imaginable wisdom, remind myths, rites and symbols. This way of thinking in images is replaced by thinking in notions, the current conventional scientific approach of thinking with all its distinguished disciplines.

This ancient approach about visual thinking is rated as not free of contradiction, by the current verbal approach of thinking, whereby several insights, resulting from this visual thinking, could be lost as a source for further research. Today we begin to understand that both visual thinking and verbal thinking should have an equal right to exist and in fact still coexist. This fragment illustrates it. Gradually it becomes clear that the judgement of reality from only one of the two approaches, is no longer sufficient.

The public debate about the decline of quality is worldwide in nearly all sectors rapidly expanding (VPRO, 2013) (BBC 2009). In our view, in addition to a quantitative analytical approach towards reality, in which verbal thinking is leading, we should reshape a qualitative synthetical approach, in which visual thinking is leading, so both approaches could be equivalent in all research (Vandeursen 2007). Artes Sophiae is developing a method to manage quantitative thinking and qualitative thinking and bringing them together in a visual context, upon which functional research could be based and shaped. The strength of this method is managing these two forms of thinking and to image and conceive its resulting knowledge in an open system model (Vandeursen).

Artes Sophiae is a research institute that focuses on developing system dynamic thinking and working. She forges, in a consistent and coherent way, a logical whole of images and concepts. She seeks, in accordance with the development of the human mind, a visual connection between verbal knowledge and visual knowledge, therefor she aims to formalize a synthesis between conceptual verbal thinking and imaginable visual thinking. Imaging and conceiving have to be practiced in the research context and in the context of the examining persons development.

In the horizontal menu bar, at the top of the websites header, you will find, described in four subjects, how Artes Sophiae tries to shape this. Each menu tab has an introductory explanation of the particular subject. These introductions include also internal links to texts and products, which have at hart to deepen, to foundate and to support. These texts can also be found through the vertical menu bar on the left at the library. There you also will find all the system dynamic models, designed so far. In the upper part of the vertical menu bar you will find information about our organisation and products.

We wish you studious joyful reading.

What is system dynamics?

System Dynamics is a method to manage knowledge. This means, organizing and modeling knowledge in a way, that it becomes possible to relate specific knowledge contents to other knowledge contents, regardless of the different disciplines, thereby working at knowledge integration.

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How does system dynamics work?

System Dynamics focuses on detecting specific dynamics: certain characteristic movements, which occur in reality. These dynamics are composed in space and configured in time, in a therefore designed open system model, a calibrated field, a diagram. By working in this way and arranging knowledge in an open system model, these models become compatible, regardless of the knowledge content.

Read more at Research dynamics

What can system dynamics be used for?

System Dynamics knows multiple applications. It can be used while doing research and to work on solutions for complex and or interdisciplinary questions in many workfields and disciplines. For example personal development, organisationmanagement, health care, education / bildung.

Read more at Human Dynamics and Organization Dynamics

On your way into the next transition..

as you research, we model your findings.

as you project, we model your design.

as you think, we model your concepts.

as you plan, we model your goals.

Our cooperation brings focus into the process of your research, project, thinking and planning. In the end, we clearly image the focus of your business.

one scope, one way.

Knowledge with a heartbeat.

Artes Sophiae introduces a new way of knowing. This way of knowing provokes and generates a full development of human potentials.

You will transform your thinking as you widen your perspective, to understand and prepare for your current and future challenges.

System dynamic thinking and working is at its core a mental imagery, based on a cyclo-cosmic world picture, to match the needs of humanity at the threshold of a new planetary level.

Artes Sophiae presents epistemological arguments for the validity of system dynamic thinking. The objective of Artes Sophiae is to define qualitative system dynamics in terms of a holistic approach to existence and to human’s relationship to a universal world-view.

System dynamic thinking leads to a progressive accumulation of information by integrating different modes of knowing and different types of knowledge, understandable images and concepts, organized in system dynamic holograms. System dynamic thinking provokes your competency to create and animate a new world society, wherever you exist.

Artes Sophiae creates software for your brain, because forming a system dynamic framework is performing a neural network in action.

System dynamic thinking is a lifelong learning process to educate your-self, with the joy of playing by heart and an open mind, changing the brain by changing the heart.

System dynamic research is the soul of life.

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